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How do your fees work?

Many of our claims are run on a no-win no-fee basis. This means that we will not charge you unless you receive a benefit from our work. In most cases, this will mean we deduct our fee, as agreed in your case, from your total compensation, and then send you the remaining compensation. In others, it may mean that we charge you a fee directly for debt written off by your creditor. This is how we charge fees for our BrightHouse, PerfectHome and payday lending claims. Other cases are funded on a type of agreement known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is designed to help people who are unable to fund claims themselves. This applies to most members of the general public who are unable to fund a claim, particularly the types of claims we deal with. Finally, if a case involves us doing considerable amounts of work before a benefit will be seen by you, or in which direct compensation is less likely, we may ask for a monthly payment or a one-off fee. This is generally only needed for certain types of case, such as our debt write-off process.

If you are unsure how fees might work in your case, check the relevant page in our Services section or get in touch.