Debt Review / Write-off

Debt Review / Write-off

Are you being chased by Cabot, PRA, Robinson Way, Lowell, Hoist, Lantern or companies you have never heard of who say they now have your debt?

Do you know that what your being asked to pay is the correct amount?

Have the collectors failed to provide you with a full breakdown of what you owe?

Have you been harassed to make payments to companies that were not the original lender?

Have you received notice that you are in default with your loans or credit cards?

Creditors, whether they are the original lender or debt purchasers, need to follow the guidance set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Consumer Credit regulations when collecting debt. If they don’t, the debt can be unenforceable and they can be made to write off the debt.

The FCA made one such debt purchaser, Motormile Finance, write off £414m of purchased debt where they were unable to evidence that the outstanding debt balance was correct and properly due.

We will not manage your debt or offer an IVA. We will fight your corner and legally challenge the enforceability and legitimacy of your debts, particularly if it has been sold on.

Our goal is to ensure that up to 80% of your debt is written off or proved unenforceable. This is an affordable fixed fee service.

Legally tackle your debt