Plevin PPI Claims

Plevin PPI Claims

Are you owed money under the Plevin ruling?

The original PPI deadline may have passed but a new ruling now means you can still get what you’re owed – even if your previous claim has been rejected.

In short, if you’ve had PPI with a financial institution on a product that’s been active since 2008, then you could be owed money if:

  • You submitted an unsuccessful complaint for mis-sold PPI
  • You had a successful PPI claim, but you didn’t receive the full commission amount
  • You purchased a PPI policy where the bank or lender took commission that wasn’t made known to you

Ensuring your case aligns with the Plevin ruling

We’ll stand by you, legally, so you’ll be able to get your owed compensation for the non-disclosure of commission paid on PPI products. We’ll assess the situation, plus prepare and file the claim against your lenders, resulting in the best outcome for you.

The new Plevin ruling means that you no longer have to be mis-sold PPI to recover your money.

According to the Supreme Court, if a commission was to the lender and/or broker without your knowledge (applicable in the vast majority of cases), you should be compensated for this – plus interest!   

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