Secret Commission Claims

Secret Commission Claims

Are you entitled to compensation?

Did you obtain a Secure Loan/Second Charge through a broker before 2009? If it was with any of the lenders below, then you could be owed thousands.

  • Blemain Finance (Together Mortgages)
  • Swift Finance
  • Nemo Finance
  • GE Money
  • GE Capita
  • Kensington Mortgages
  • Prestige Finance/Igroup

This is because a ‘secret commission’ situation may have occurred. Legally, if the broker has been paid commission then they should tell you. They’re also required to provide you with ‘single minded loyalty’, act in good faith, not take a secret profit or have their duty to you conflict with their self-interest.

Ensuring any secret profit is returned to you

We’ll investigate your case and whether secret commission has been paid to the broker for your sub-prime secured loan or mortgage. If so, we’ll challenge it, legally, and prepare your claim to secure what’s rightfully yours. Plus, we’ll attempt to get compensation from your sub-prime lender for any harassment, unjust charges or irresponsible lending.

Challenge secret commission