BrightHouse claims

Were you mis-sold items by BrightHouse?

In 2017, BrightHouse, the weekly payment store, was told to pay out £14.8 million in compensation and refunds after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ruled that it had treated its customers unfairly. The redress totalled around £10.1 million for 114,000 agreements entered into between April 1st 2014, and September 30th 2016, covering 81,000 customers.

There were many ways that BrightHouse was treating customers unfairly. The main issues were that they failed to assess the affordability of their agreements with customers and that they failed to pay back customers who cancelled their agreements.

In March 2020, BrightHouse went into administration. This means that all outstanding and new affordability complaints became the responsibility of their administrators, Grant Thornton.

What does BrightHouse’s administration mean for my claim?

If you had an outstanding affordability complaint with us, we will still be representing you, but the complaint will now be looked into by BrightHouse’s administrators, Grant Thornton. Unfortunately, there is no clear timescale for this, as Grant Thornton are not bound by the usual ‘8 week’ time limit usually set on affordability complaints.

Anyone who is owed money by BrightHouse may be paid some of their compensation after BrightHouse’s overall financial situation is assessed, but many claimants are unlikely to get the full amount they are owed and may only get a small percentage.

You can find out about who the administrators are and what they do here.

Please email us or contact us using the Enquiry Form above if you have an open case with us and want to know what is happening with your claim.

I had a complaint which went to the Financial Ombudsman – what is happening with my case?

If your complaint had gone to the Financial Ombudsman (“FOS”) previously but you had not had a response, then it will have been sent back to Grant Thornton for a further investigation. FOS cannot look into complaints against a company after it has gone into administration.

Are you still taking new affordability claims now?

We are not taking any new affordability claims against BrightHouse via this website. Anyone who already has a case can get in touch with us by email or using the Enquiry Form above.